How to Increase Speed & Performance of MI TV Stick (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to increase the speed and performance of the MI TV Stick and MI TV Box.

The MI TV Stick is capable enough to handle every task given to it and has enough space for storage. Just like any other device you may experience system lag or slow performance.

MI TV is one of the best and most powerful devices that can bring revolution to your home entertainment, it provides streaming as well as games. However, during streaming, the device may slow down or lag during streaming which is very irritating due to slow system speed.

This article provides you with the solution to this problem that you are facing in relation to the speed and performance of your MI TV Box or Stick.

How to Increase Speed & Performance of Mi TV Stick

To increase speed and for your MI TV Box to run smoothly the cure is to install is Fast Task Killer app which is completely free of cost.

Since this application is not directly available in the Google Play Store we have shown you the steps to sideload it through a third-party application such as the Downloader app.

Step 1: From your Mi TV Home screen go to Settings 


Step 2: Click on Device Preferences 


Step 3: From the given options select Security and restrictions 


Step 4: Now Turn OFF verify apps 


Step 5: Go back to your home screen and click on Apps 


Step 6: Click on Get More Apps 


Step 7: Click on the search icon at the top bar


Step 8: In the search bar type Downloader and from the given suggestions below select Downloader app


Step 9: Click Install now


Step 10: Please wait for the app to install


Step 11: When it is downloaded, click Open


Step 12: Press Allow to permit access to media


Step 13: Click OK and proceed


Step 14: Click and turn on APK Aut0-Install 


Step 15: The downloader app is now open for search


Step 16: In the URL type


Step 17: Click on Install 


Step 18: Please wait for it to Install


Step 19: Click Open 


Step 20: On your MI TV Home screen go to settings at the top menu bar


Step 21: Click Apps 


Step 22: Select See all apps 


Step 23: Go to Show system apps 


Step 24: From the list select Fast Task Killer 


Step 25: Click Open now


How does Fast Task Killer Speed Up Performance?

The best way to increase system speed is to refresh or remove all the apps in the background occupying storage.

A highly recommended and reliable application is Fast Task Killer to increase the speed of your MI TV Box. Fast Task Killer closes all the apps that are running in the background which instantly removes apps that are running in the background resulting in increased speed and performance.

It makes room for your RAM so that whatever you stream or play is lag-free, through this we have seen sufficient improvement to boost gaming performance.

Also, another visible advantage seen is the progress in battery life of any device where you install this app as the battery life lasts longer.

As the name indicates it shows results in less than 3 seconds. It is not difficult to use this app, it is very easy to use and stable. All you have to do is tap the app icon and see the difference.

This memory-releasing application kills all unwanted apps in the background forming space in your streaming device.

With Fast Task Killer, your streaming experience will enhance and you can stream without any buffering issues.

The application is free, you will not have to purchase or give subscription charges to use it. Also, Fast task killer does not bother with advertisements coming your way while you use it.

Alternatives – Fast Task Killer

Fast Task Killer is the best and the most reliable tool available to increase the speed & performance of MI TV Box or Andriod Box. However, there are always substitutes.

Below is a list of similar apps which can speed up the performance of your device.

  • Super Toolbox – Free Boost
  • SD Maid – System cleaning
  • Norton Clean, Junk
  • RAM Cleanup
  • Clear Cache
  • Smart Clean – Free Junk
  • All-in-one Toolbox
  • Hibernator – Hibernate
  • Storage Isolation
  • Auto Optimizer
  • KillApps – Close all apps
  • Smart booster pro
  • Secure Erase with iShredder

FAQs – Improve Performance of Mi TV Stick

How do I stop task killer?

From your home screen go to the Apps and select the app, there is a Force Stop button, tap and stop.

What does Fast task killer do?

To remove all the apps that are in the background taking up memory and space the best option is the Fast task killer. It closes and removes all apps in the background with just one tap.

Do task killers work?

Yes. Task killers save your battery and make your device work smoothly without lagging or buffering. It increases the speed with just a click on the app.

What’s running in the background?

To check what is hindering your device’s speed and occupying memory you will first have to go to settings then to developer options and click on running services. 

Final Thought

Increasing the speed & performance of the MI TV Stick is very important to streaming easily and without disturbance or buffering. We understand MI TV devices are strong and powerful enough to deal with the work thrown at them but every system faces speed issues once its memory is consumed a lot.

The Fast task killer application is completely free and can be sideloaded using the Downloader app as it is not in the Play Store.

The main purpose of the Fast task killer is to increase the speed of the device by stopping the applications running in the background.

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