How to Watch Live Baseball Matches on MI TV Stick (2024)


This article is a step-by-step guide on how to watch Live Baseball Matches on MI TV Stick and MI TV Box.

You can enjoy online streaming of matches on many applications and websites however if you are particularly looking for live baseball matches to watch on MI TV Stick this article is for you.

To entertain the user we have discussed applications that you can watch for free on your MI TV Device. These applications will not let you miss any activity or baseball match update.

Not only can you stream live but the user can also watch any previous missed game. These applications bring content from many popular sports channels like NBA, NFL, NCCAF, NHL, and the list goes on.

2 Ways to Watch Live Baseball Matches on MI TV Stick

Following are the two methods that you can use either to stream and stay tuned with Live Baseball Matches. These methods are:

Since both methods are completely free and do not require any registration it is strictly advised to use a VPN on your Mi TV Stick.

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Note: MI TV STICK  does not authenticate if apps, websites, or services provided therein hold legal or official licensing, in regards to the media content that they stream. Mi TV STICK  does not own, operate or resell any streaming apps, sites, or services. The same is also not hosted or administered by MI TV STICK.

Watch Live Baseball Matches using a Browser

We recommend the Puffin TV-Browser to stream live Baseball Matches that will bring a huge library and limitless content from the internet to your device.

Before you will search for free streaming with the popular MLB website, make sure to install and use Express VPN to secure your connection and keep your identity annonmous.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: From your MI TV Home page select the Apps menu


Step 2: Click on Get More Apps 


Step 3: Click the Search icon at the top menu bar


Step 4: In the search bar type Puffin TV 


Step 5: Click Install 


Step 6: Wait for the application to download

Step 7: Click Open once it is installed


Step 8: This is the interface of the Puffin TV-Browser, Click on the Search bar to type the URL 


Step 9: Enter in the search bar and click Go

Note: You must take into account that the referenced link is the URL of this particular app/website. MI TV Stick serves its users the content available.  It does not have an affiliation with the app / Website developers.


Step 10: Now the website will open, select baseball from the categories list. Choose the match that you want to watch and enjoy streaming


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Watch Live Baseball Matches using Live Sports Pro

Another method to stream Live Baseball matches is with the Live Sports Pro application. We must note that this application is unavailable in the Offical Google Play Store due to which it has to be sideloaded through a third-party app.

However, before you begin do not forget to use ExpressVPN on your MI TV device for secure steaming.

Here are steps to follow:

Step 1: Click on the Settings Icon on your MI TV Home screen


Step 2: Select Device Preferences 


Step 3: Now Click Security & Restrictions


Step 4: Turn OFF the Verify Apps Option 


Step 5: Go back to your Home screen and click on the Apps menu


Step 6: Select Get More Apps 


Step 7: Now click on the Search Icon 


Step 8: Search Downloader app 


Step 9: Now click Install for the process to begin


Step 10: Wait for the application to download


Step 11: Now click Open 


Step 12: Press Allow to let the Downloader application have access tp your media


Step 13: Click OK if any such prompt appears


Step 14: Now turn ON APK Auto-Install 


Step 15: The downloader application will open and you can type the URL 


Step 16: Type the URL Now click Go

Note: You must take into account that the referenced link is the URL of this particular app/website. MI TV Stick serves its users the content available.  It does not have an affiliation with the app / Website developers.


Step 17: Scroll down and click Live Sports Pro to download the application


Step 18: To download click Install 


Step 19: Now click Open 


Step 20: Choose the channel  and continue streaming Live Baseball matches with Live Sports Pro


Try ExpressVPN

Alternative to watch Live Baseball Matches

We have mentioned the browser method and the Live Sports pro application to watch live baseball matches. Except for these methods, there are other premium applications and free apps to stream live baseball matches on your MI TV. You must note all these applications are tried and tested, and the results in HD quality boost the user’s experience.

Final Word

These methods given in this article will provide seamless content without any interruption of ads. Stay updated with Live baseball matches with the Live Sports Pro application or the browser method to stream MLB Live.

This will keep you connected to all activities in the baseball world including live show interviews, video clips, and stats. It will further notify you of live baseball match schedules.

To make it easy for all baseball lovers we have given 2 methods to watch Live Baseball Match. However, any method you opt for make sure to use Express VPN for safe streaming of free applications.

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