How to Watch 10Play On Mi TV Stick (2023)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch 10Play on Mi TV Stick or Mi TV Box.

10Play or Ten Play is a streaming app introduced by Channel 10 (Australian TV Network) and is a free-of-cost Australian streaming service.

It offers hundreds of on-demand content and Live TV Channels which can be enjoyed in superior HD quality. If you don’t want to miss out on your favorite shows, this is the best option for you.

With 10Play, you can enjoy the Live TV channels like 10, 10 SHAKE, 10 PEACH, and 10 BOLD. You can also stream TV shows like MasterChef, Survivor, and others.

10Play also provides its original Shows that are exclusive only on 10Play (Channel 10) similar to other premium services like Netflix, Prime, and Hulu.

Since 10Play is only officially accessible to residents of Australia. You will find a geo-error on accessing it outside the region. The error might be like:

“10Play is available for Australian residents only”


Therefore it is recommended to use a VPN on your Mi TV Stick and connect to an Australian server to access 10play content.

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How To Watch 10Play On Mi TV Stick Using Browser Method

This method is for users who do not live in Australia. With this method, you can easily access 10Play and enjoy your favorite shows from any country worldwide.

Since 10Play is an Australian streaming platform, you must install and use ExpressVPN on Mi TV to unblock 10Play in your region.

Follow these below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of your Mi TV Stick and click on Apps 

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-1

Step 2: Choose the Get More Apps option  

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-2

Step 3: Now press the Search icon above  

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-3

Step 4: Enter Puffin TV Browser in the search bar and press 

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-4

Step 5: Hit the Install button

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-5

Step 6: Wait for a while; the app will install soon

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-6

Step 7: Here the browser is installed

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-7

Step 8: Open the ExpressVPN app and connect to the Australian server as 10Play is only available in Australia.


Step 9: This is the interface of the Puffin TV-Browser. Now press the URL option

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-8

Step 10: Type and hit Go

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-9

Step 11: This is the interface of the 10Play official website

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-10

Step 12: Click on Shows to select Featured TV Shows or Genre

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-11

Step 13: Click on News and Sports to select any sport you want

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-12

Step 14: You can also utilize the Search option to search for any show you want

how-to-watch-10 play-on-mi-tv-stick-using-puffin-tv-browser-13

Try ExpressVPN

Popular Shows To Watch On 10Play 


These are some of the most watched and liked shows on 10Play. You can enjoy watching these and many more using 10Play.

  • Leverage
  • Come dance with me
  • Dark Matter
  • The Brokenwood
  • In the Dark
  • The Traitors
  • Kingdom
  • Hardcore PAWN
  • Blue Blood
  • The Bridge
  • North Shore
  • The Twilight Zone
  • NCIS
  • The BAY
  • Judge Judy
  • Neighbors
  • The Cheap Seats
  • Southpark
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • The Late Night Shows with Stephen Colbert
  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Bondi Rescue
  • Summer
  • All Aussie Adventures
  • The Bachelor

10Play Alternatives On Mi TV Stick

There are other streaming services that are similar to 10Play and provide great content of entertainment. Take a look:

FAQS – 10Play

Is 10 Play free?

Yes. 10Play is free of cost and. No subscription is needed to watch content on this streaming service.

Do you need a VPN to access 10Play?

Yes. If you do not live in Australia, you require a good VPN since 10Play is geo-restricted outside Australia. ExpressVPN is the recommended option.

Do shows on 10Play keep updating?

Yes, the 10Play library is regularly updated with new content for users to stream.

How can I watch 10Play on Mi TV?

You can easily stream 10Play on Mi TV. We have explained above step by step how to watch 10Play. You can either access it with a browser (e.g., Puffin TV Browser) if you do not live in Australia, or you can install it directly from the app store if you are a resident of Australia.

What is 10Play?

10Play is an Australian streaming service that keeps you entertained with the latest shows, sports, and news. It has a separate section for kids and sports lovers, thus presenting everything for every age group. To view it outside Australia, you must install Express VPN on Mi Stick to surpass the geo-restrictions.

Take Away Words

10Play is an Australian content streaming application that is guaranteed to keep you and your family entertained and updated with the latest shows. You can stream all the exclusive content unavailable on famous streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix.

The 10Play app is only for Australian users, but if you want to keep up with 10Play streaming, you must not forget to install and use ExpressVPN on Mi Stick which will unblock the geo-restriction imposed.

This will allow you to watch 10Play from anywhere around the globe. You can use the above-mentioned method from anywhere around the world to watch 10Play on Mi Stick.

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