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This guide helps you learn which is the best VPN for Mi TV Stick, why should you use it on your device, and how to install a VPN on Mi TV Stick. The VPNs that we have discussed in this guide work on Mi TV Stick and Mi TV Box as well.

Mi TV Stick is an incredible device, even more so than Fire TV Stick because of the fact that it happens to have a Play Store where you can install all kinds of apps with ease.

It’s quite a simple device and even easier to set up for the first time. It also gives you access to some of the popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Kodi, and other apps.

A VPN is very much needed to access apps that are geo-restricted, overcome legal issues while watching content from apps like Cinema HD, CyberFlix, or BeeTV, and mask your IP address for good.

Here’s a quick overview of the best Mi TV Stick VPN I have picked. I will be discussing each of these VPNs later in this guide.

1. ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN is our #1 recommended VPN as it offers a dedicated app for Mi TV Stick and has blazing-fast speed. Currently, it has 3,000+ servers at $6.67/month (12 months plan + 3 months extra) and offers a 30-day refund policy.

2. Surfshark – It is also our recommended VPN for Mi TV Stick as it offers an affordable price (i.e. $2.30/mo + 2 Months free), with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and is extremely safe for streaming.

3. IPVanish – It has strong military-grade encryption and doesn’t store any kind of logs. Like Surfshark, it covers unlimited devices with a single account and is available for $3.33/month.

4. NordVPN – With 5,600+ servers, NordVPN is a safe bet for streaming and anyone who wants to unblock geo-restricted apps. It has excellent connection speed and can unblock Netflix, HBO Max, etc. It costs $3.99/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee

5. PrivateVPN – It is one of the fastest VPN services with its servers available in 53 countries. PrivateVPN offers 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 that keeps your data private. It is available at the cheapest rate of $2.00/month (36-month plan)

6. TunnelBear – It is more than 3000+ lightning speed servers in 48+ countries with AES-256 bit encryption protection. It has a no-logging policy with amazing features like Vigilant Bear, Ghost Bear, etc. It is cost-efficient at $3.33/month (3-year plan)

7. CyberGhost – It is a popular VPN provider and No.1 Streaming VPN with the largest server network of 9100+ servers in 91 Countries. You can bypass more than 35 streaming services all around the world with CyberGhost VPN. It costs $2.11/month with 7-device connectivity

Best VPN for Mi TV Stick

We literally tested over 100 VPNs to finalize the list of top VPNs for Mi TV Stick. There were some VPNs that came close but they were not as good as the ones I have listed here.

Among the 5 best VPNs that I have mentioned in this guide, ExpressVPN stands as the best overall VPN in all aspects such as encryption, speed, affordability, customer support, geo-restriction ability, and more.

Starting with ExpressVPN, here’s the list of best VPNs for Mi TV Stick and Mi TV Box:

1. ExpressVPN – Overall Best VPN for Mi TV Stick


ExpressVPN is our #1 VPN choice when it comes to protecting your device over the internet and for fast streaming. It is based in the British Virgin Island where there are no data retention laws so your data remain completely private with ExpressVPN.

The reason why we were so adamant in putting ExpressVPN on our list of best Mi TV Stick VPNs is because of its blazing-fast speed. Truly, its amazing speed is unmatchable even against the very best.

Like any good VPN, it masks your IP address and changes your true location so that nobody identifies where is your original location. It has 3,000 servers and is available in 90 countries with 160+ server locations.

You can get ExpressVPN for $6.67/month (Black Friday Deal with 3 Months Free)and it’s worth the experience. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

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Try ExpressVPN

2. Surfshark


Surfshark VPN is our second-best pick as the best VPN for Mi TV Stick & Mi TV Box. With 3,200+ servers available in 100 countries, it gives users a lot of connection choices.

The topmost 3 features of Surfshark are its Clean Web feature, Kill Switch, and unlimited connections.

With the Clean Web, you can surf the internet without any ads or malware, while the Kill switch feature kills off your internet when accidentally your VPN connection drops, thus keeping you safe. Also, it helps you connect unlimited devices with a single account.

It has a strict no-logs policy, which means they don’t track, monitor, or store any information on what you do online. Further, it offers AES-256-GCM encryption to keep your data completely encrypted and anonymous from outsiders.

All of those features come at an affordable price of $2.30/month (24 months + 2 months free) and with a 30-day refund policy. 

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3. IPVanish


IPVanish has over 2,200 servers that are available across 75+ locations with 40,000+ IP Addresses. These servers help you access all third-party apps on Mi TV Stick anonymously.

Any content that you access remains private because as soon as you access such content, it is deleted automatically by IPVanish.

The app is available on Google Play so you don’t have to sideload the app as you would normally do. Further, it has advanced security encryption stands i.e. military-grade that keeps your data encrypted at all times.

Similar to Surfshark, you can connect IPVanish to unlimited devices at the same time and to every device that you own. It is available for $3.33/month and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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4. NordVPN


NordVPN has also made it to our list of best VPNs for Mi TV Box because of its extremely strong encryption i.e. 256-bit encryption. It has the most number of servers i.e. 5,600+ and is available in 60 countries. 

It has a double VPN protection as well that gives you extra security online and keeps your data encrypted not once, but twice.

If you turn ON the CyberSec feature, then it will keep you safe from all types of malware and adware. 

With a single NordVPN account, you can connect to Mi TV Stick as well as your mobile, computer, tablet, and a total of 6 devices at the same time. 

It has a strict no-logs policy as it won’t track, collect, or share any of your online activity. Having said that, you get all these features for an amazing price of $3.99/month and that comes with a 30-day refund policy.

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5. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN is another recommended VPN that has everything that you would want from a VPN. It has amazing speed and is one of the fastest VPN service providers which is extremely good for streaming.

Similar to other top-notch VPNs, PivateVPN also offers 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 which is the latest VPN encryption that you will find in a good VPN.

It has 200+ servers that are available in 63 countries. With a single PrivateVPN account, you can connect with 10 devices at the same time. You can get PrivateVPN for $2.00/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. TunnelBear VPN


TunnelBear is also a competitive VPN provider with a Fast Lightning Speed VPN service that has 3000+ servers in 48+ countries all around the world.

It has AES-256 Encrypted protection with a No-logging policy and unlimited device connectivity with other features like Vigilant Bear mode, Ghost Bear, Closest Tunnel, etc.

Moreover, it offers free service for up to 2GB of data. It offers great subscription plans that cost $3.33/month or 3 years (67%off) with unlimited device connectivity.

7. CyberGhost VPN


Last but not least, CyberGhost is well-known as the No.1 Streaming VPN that unlocks more than 35+ streaming platforms all around the world including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube TV, HBO Max, and many others.

CyberGhost VPN is our choice which has a large server network offer with 9,100+ servers that are available across 91 countries.

You can connect to 7 multiple devices simultaneously with a single Cyberghost subscription at the cost of $2.11/month (2 Years + 3 months extra) with a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

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Why Do You Need a VPN for Mi TV Stick?

You need a VPN for Mi TV Stick for many reasons, amongst which, protecting your online activity tops comes first. Have a look at the top reasons why you must use a VPN:

1. Bypassing Online Restrictions

The online restriction on what you can view and what you cannot view on the internet is not a new phenomenon. Popular streaming apps like Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube TV, etc are geo-restricted outside of the US.

You won’t find these apps on the Play Store either if you are located outside of the US. Even if you are able to install these apps through APK Method, you won’t be able to stream their content.

That’s because these apps do not have licensing agreements with countries other than the US. This is the reason why you need to use a VPN and then connect to a US server to access such apps.

2. Legal Protection

Mi TV Stick also helps you set up apps such as Kodi, Cinema HD, CyberFlix TV, BeeTV, and other third-party apps that offer free content on-demand.

Having said that, you may unintentionally end up streaming copyright content for free that could otherwise be premium content. You may then receive legal notices and penalties with hefty fines.

But once you use a Mi TV Stick VPN, you can slide all your worries! When you use a VPN, all your online activities become anonymous and masked. It keeps your online privacy and security intact.

3. Avoid Online Surveillance

If you didn’t know yet, online surveillance is for real. Government, ISPs, and even hackers tend to monitor you at all times. Most third-party apps even sell your data to advertisers for exchange of money.

How does a VPN help you with online surveillance? A VPN masks your IP address and channels your online data through an anonymous server. Since your online activity is encrypted by a VPN, no one knows what you’re doing online.

Conclusion on Best VPN for Mi TV Stick

The top VPN that we recommend using for Mi TV Stick is ExpressVPN. We tested 100+ VPNs on the basis of their speed, encryption, ability to unblock geo-restricted apps and content, customer support, etc.

Affordability was another factor that we considered while testing and ExpressVPN came on top. There are other best VPNs for Mi TV Stick that we believe deserve every bit of recommendation and we mentioned that in our list as well.

The reason why you need a VPN for Mi TV Stick is quite evident now since you need to protect your online privacy while streaming free content, unblocking geo-restriction, and online surveillance.

But the most important factor is online privacy and security that you can’t compromise. Choose the best VPN that suits your needs.

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