How to install Epic Stream APK on MI TV Stick (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to install Epic Stream on MI TV Stick or MI TV Box. 

Epic stream is a known Live streaming application and provides HD channels. It covers the best movies, TV shows, and games as well as provides pop culture, K drama, and anime content.

It has 3000+ live channels from different regions like the US, Canada, and the UK in their regional languages. It also has a vast collection of VOD (video on demand) in HD and 4K quality display.

It is a paid application but is still suitable for everyone as you only need to pay for the channels you wish to watch.

Since Epic stream provides Live Channels from multi-region, it is strictly advised to use a VPN on your Mi TV Stick.

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How to Install EpicStream on MI TV Stick

Epicstream is one of the best IPTV streaming services, but unfortunately, it is not available on the Play Store therefore you will need to sideload it with the help of the Downloader App.

Make sure to install and use ExpressVPN on MI TV Stick as it has channels from different countries that might be geo-restricted.

Now Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Settings option on your MI TV Home screen


Step 2: From the settings select Device Preferences 


Step 3: Now go to Security &  Restrictions 


Step 4: Now turn off the verify apps option 


Step 5: You will have to go back to your MI TV Home screen but this time select the Apps option


Step 6: From apps click on Get more apps 


Step 7: At the top bar there is a Search icon so click on it


Step 8: Type downloader and search, you will be given options below, select the downloader app


Step 9: Click Install 


Step 10: Please wait for it to download


Step 11: Click Open 


Step 12: Now click Allow to permit media


Step 13: Click OK


Step 14: Click and turn on APK Auto-Install, a tick sign will show


Step 15: Now select the Downloader Home menu


Step 16: In the search bar type and click Go


Step 17: Scroll down and select Download APK 


Step 18: Please wait for the file to download


Step 19: This page will open, click on Install 


Step 20: Now select Open 


Step 21: Epic Stream is now downloaded you can log in and use


Features of Epicstream – Package, and Reviews

Epicstream consists of thousands of channels from the UK, US, and Canada which you can access. However, as it is paid so it permits the channels only if your package allows you.

It is available on Android devices and It offers a Plus package for its consumers where you can get to watch more than 600 premium plus channels.

The channels are from the countries mentioned above. It shows sports, news, music as well as kids’ channels and offers games and movies.

The other package offers is the Premium package which shows more than 450 regular and premium channels. These channels are mostly Middle Eastern and European channels from countries like Italy and France.

The plus package gives the advantage of recorded channel streaming, meaning if your best-loved channel is missed and you want to watch it again you can do it with this package.

The subscriptions can be paid monthly. For one month it charges $14.50. For three months it charges $39.99 and for six months, it charges $59.99.

However, it lets you cancel your subscription anytime you wish, and also you can stream and download unlimited content and watch offline.

Moreover, Epic Stream also provides Video-on-demand, it offers a variety of movies you would want to watch along with shows, the number exceeds 100.

Epicstream channels list

Epicstream Live streaming service provides several Live channels to its users in HD quality, here are a few famous channels mentioned below.

  • HBO Family
  • HBO HD
  • HBO Zone
  • AMC HD
  • FOX HD
  • Showtime HD
  • NBC HD
  • CBS HD
  • ABC HD

Alternatives of Epicstream

If you do not wish to use Epicstream or for any other reason you are looking for a similar app or website, here are the alternatives for you.

FAQs – Epicstream

Is Epicstream free?

No, Epicstream is not free it offers packages that you can buy. It charges for one month, three months, or six months.

What is Epicstream?

Epicstream is mostly for members interested in fiction and fantasy. It is an entertainment streaming service that offers meaningful content for its users. Among hundreds of entertainment applications and websites, Epicstream is the one that is widely used by people all around the world.


Epicstream is a one-stop destination for you to watch Live TV as well as video on demand. It comes in packages and tells you the content available in each package you choose.

It is available on Android devices and can not be downloaded directly through the Play Store. The services provide HD quality and high speed without buffering.

You must keep in mind that it provides channels from different countries and some of the channels might be geo-blocked, so you must use ExpressVPN to bypass if you face such blocking.

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