How to Install Unlinked on Mi TV Stick (2024)


This article is a step-by-step guide on how to install UnLinked on MI TV Stick or MI TV Box.

Unlinked is a Third-party App store same as FileLinked. It helps you not only with downloading the Third-party application which are not available on the Official App Store but also allows you to create your code to download the apps easily one or many.

UnLinked uses shortcodes to download apps from outside the Official App Store. Previously the most famous application was FileLinked, since it not working now, UnLinked allows you to create a shortcode for a library of apps thus, making the downloading process easy and simple for you.

Unlinked will not only work perfectly for MI TV Stick, but also other Android TV boxes, tablets, and smartphones. 

Before proceeding, we must know although UnLinked is a safe app, it might have some third-party apps that could be illegal or harmful, so it is advised to use a VPN on your MI TV Stick as there are chances that it might expose your IP address to your ISP.

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ExpressVPN is our top choice as it completely hides your IP address and keeps your online identity private while downloading and installing free third-party apps from UnLinked.

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How to Install Unlinked on MI TV Stick (2022)

UnLinked itself is not available in the Play Store so we have to sideload it with the help of the Downloader App. It will be essential to install and use ExpressVPN before installing the Unlinked app.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your MI TV Home screen and go to the settings 

Step 2: From the settings select Device Preferences 

Step 3: Now go to Security & Restrictions 

Step 4: You should now switch off the Verify Apps option

Step 5: Go back to your home screen and select Apps 

Step 6: From the Apps choose the option of Get more apps 

Step 7: Click on the search icon now

Step 8: Type Downloader and opt for the Downloader app as shown in the image from the given options

Step 9: Click on the App and now select Install 

Step 10: Please wait for the app to Install

Step 11: Once it is installed, select Open 

Step 12: For access to the downloader app to your media you can click Allow

Step 13: Now click Ok 

Step 14: Switch the APK Auto-Install on, when you click on it a tick sign will show

Step 15: The downloader app will now let you search

Step 16: You can now type a URL in the search bar. For the Unlinked app type, make sure you type it correctly and click GO.

Step 17:  With your MI TV remote scroll down and select Download Android App 

Step 18: Once the Unlinked APK is downloaded a pop up will appear, click Install 

Step 19: Now select Done 

Step 20: As the App is now downloaded you do not need the APK anymore, so now Click the Delete button

Step 21: For further confirmation, click Delete 

Step 22: Launch the Unlinked App. This is the dashboard of the Unlinked App

Step 23: At the bottom, select the Add option

Step 24: You can opt for the code you wish. For the Library code enter 7cd6a4f1, For the pin, enter 911911

Step 25: After this, the library will open which is developed by TechDoctorUK

Step 26: Downloading apps from the library is very simple. Select the app you want to download and click Download.

Step 27: After the app is downloaded, select the app once again and click Launch 

Step 28: Now simply click Install 

Step 29: After the app is installed, click Done. Now you can click Open whenever you want to use the app

What is UnLinked?

One way to download applications that you cannot find in the Play Store is by sideloading them where you have to insert the URLs separately for every app you wish to download. The easier method is brought forward by UnLinked where you can select all APKs you want to download and make a code. Through the code, you can install all apps in one go.

Unlinked allows you to create various code libraries. It further allows you to create, manage, delete and modify the contents in your library. In the library, UnLinked users can find the most popular streaming apps that are unavailable in the Play Store and App Store and they can be installed quickly through codes.

UnLinked is compatible with various devices such as tablets, smartphones, or MI TV Stick, the UnLinked App works efficiently, thus, allowing flexibility and productivity at the same time.

In terms of the security aspect of using UnLinked, it should be noted that every library that is formed is encrypted end-to-end using AES 256-bit encryption, which is the most powerful encryption standard available today.

Such concerns are valid if it is asked, is UnLinked safe to use. UnLinked is itself a third-party app.

UnLinked is safe. The proof of it is using the VirusTotal tool where a security check is run on the URL that downloads UnLinked. The scan showed that there are no viruses or malicious threats in the Unlinked APK, thus it helps you download it confidently.

Alternatives -UnLinked

The following are options that work and provide a similar experience as UnLinked to enable you to download your favorite APKs. The list shows the alternatives to UnLinked.

  1. Roku Channel on MI TV Stick
  2. AppLinked on MI TV Stick
  3. Aptoide TV on MI TV Stick

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an UnLinked App?

It helps you to create your library (that includes pictures, apps, and videos) and then access them on your TV device and share them with friends. UnLinked gives you access to the most popular apps that are not available on the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store.

Are APK downloads safe?

As the APK files are installed on your system, they may pose a security threat. There can be APKs that act as a Trojan horse that can run malware, thus, you should always verify an APK to ensure that it is clean from any modified malware. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice to protect your device

Why is APK used?

APK allows you to install apps on your android phone, that are similar to APPX files.


UnLinked being a new app has proved to be one of the effective FileLinked replacements. It does not occupy a lot of your storage space and is compatible with all devices with an easy-to-use interface and navigation, and is free of cost.

Unlinked made it easier for users to download all applications easily and simply by using codes, you can now download applications that are not available in the Play Store.

But you must use ExpressVPN before using the Unlinked apk on your device to avoid legal issues and malware problems as well.

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